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About Us

Conveniently located in downtown Comfort, TX we have provided computer solutions for residents and businesses in Comfort, Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Boerne, Bandera, Center Point and the surrounding areas for over 15 years.  We offer Pick-Up or Drop-Off at your home or business, On-Site or Off-Site Service and Repair and Remote/On-site or In Shop Support.  Let’s talk about your needs and make a service plan that work for you.

Business Philosophy

Solid Rock Computer Solutions is a family owned business located and operated in downtown Comfort, TX.  The owner is Ashley Brooks, a native of Comfort who has established a reputation as a consultant who does what he says he is going to do at a fair price and a friendly, open approach to satisfying his customer base.  His business philosophy revolves around caring about the people he does business with.  Ashley believes in the importance of developing long-term relationships with his customers and his work reflects it.  Solid Rock Computer Solutions’ approach with clients is based on Christian principles and values:  Integrity (do what is right rather than what is expedient), commitment to excellence (devoted to doing what is good and profitable for the customer), and commitment to people (care more for others than you do for yourself).


Ashley Brooks has been serving customers in the Hill Country for over 15 years.  Recent business projects include a local pharmacy, a local artist, and a local candle company assisting with computer diagnostics/repair/installation, data recovery/back-up/transfer, equipment upgrades, networking and support, equipment and software installation, virus detection and removal and spyware upgrades.  Recent residential projects include adding cameras and installing TV’s along with all the other work described above.

Ashley’s experience saves you or your business money when it counts by finding problems quickly and implementing solutions efficiently and correctly.  Ashley also stays up to date with the latest technologies so that you are offered solutions that provide results for a long time.


The offices are located in downtown Comfort, TX.  You may recognize the location because it shares a building with the Comfort Flower Shop and the Ship Store (UPS/FED Ex drop off and pickup location) where Ashley’s parents, Bob and Kathy Bohn, have been doing business in the local community for 43+ years!  When you call Solid Rock Computer Solutions, you are getting a professional technician who cares about the community and you and your home or business needs.

  • Computer Diagnostics & Repair
  • Virus/Spyware Detection & Removal
  • Data Recovery, Transfer & Backup
  • Equipment & Software Installation
  • Networking & Support
  • Training Classes
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Wi-Fi, Hotspots, Bluetooth

Our Advantages

Pick-Up or Drop-Off at Your Home or Business
On-Site or Off-Site Service
Remote, On-site or In-Shop Repair
7 Days a Week
Computer Diagnostics & Repair
Upgrade Server? PC Running Slow? Software Issues? Need to reinstall your Operating System? Need to Add Memory? Email Setup, Troubleshooting or Password Reset?
Virus/Spyware Detection & Removal
Viruses causing serious harm to your computer and data? Eliminate replication, stealing of personal information and infecting your computers and others.
Data Recovery, Transfer and Backup
Need Backup Solutions: What happens when you lose data? What happens if your data gets corrupted? Need to transfer data? Don't know how to load music from your phone to your computer?
Equipment & Software Installation
Need help setting up a new computer, printer, scanner or software? Having issues with your new software? Need Getting online for the 1st time and unsure?
Networking and Support
More than one PC in your home or Office? Need help with implementing, optimizing or troubleshooting a network? Need help with VPN's, wired or wireless networks, remote logins?
Need training on computers, ipads, tablets, iphones, Androids? One-On-One Training or in Groups, Tailored to Your Needs at Your Site or Our Offices in Downtown Comfort

We’ll Diagnose & Repair Any Problem

We can take a look at your situation and offer an affordable solution for any problem.

Meet Our Team

We will work hard to satisfy your computer needs in a timely and affordable way – our approach is to be open with our solutions so that you understand what we did and how we did it.

We can Train you

Keep up to date on your new devices – tablets, phones, laptops, smart speakers

Let us create a Training Class for you!

  • New Tablet, Phone, Laptop?  Let us help you use it now!
  • New Voice Controlled Speakers?  Google Home, Amazon Echo and Others
  • Custom Classes for you – let’s talk

Call Us With Your Questions

We are real people and we love to hear from you.  We think outside the box!

We think outside the box and love to solve new problems. Variety is the spice of life – so give us a call to help you become the best techno-geek you can be.

Call or Text us – We Will Help You!


Ashley will provide you with a great solution for your needs